Three recalls that could harm your children

(WXYZ) - We have learned about three recalls that could harm your children.

The first involves baby high chairs.

This one is made by BabyHome USA. The problem is a baby can fall between the front opening between the tray and seat.

You should stop using the high chair and take it back where you purchased the product.

The recalled high chairs have lot numbers: BH00301/01-2012, BH00303/07-2012, BH00304/09-2012 and BH00304/09-2012. 

iCandy World is recalling its cherry model strollers because a child could get trapped between the bumper bar and seat bottom.  

Batch No. | Cherry Stroller Color | Serial Number

U10001169 | FUDGE (IW119) | 1-500

U10002170 | LIQUORICE (IW124) | 501-1000

U10014182 | LIQUORICE (IW124) | 1001-1500

U10013181 | FUDGE (IW119) | 1501-2000

 And Bell Sports is recalling its throttle bike helmets. The buckle on the helmet could release and cause the helmet to fall off.

The all-black helmets have UPC code 035011 937052 and part number 1009159 printed on a label on the side of the helmet shell. 

For more information on the recalls, go here:

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