Tigers fans gear up for the game with a old school song and silly jokes

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Action News hit the streets of Detroit to get Tigers fans gearing up for the game with an old school song!

A construction crew, restaurant workers and city employees took a short break to sing their hearts out with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

And near Comerica Park, Action News caught up with Boston Red Sox fan Dana Puffenbarger who is visiting Detroit for the first time. And while Dana says sporting her Red Sox attire makes her feel like a bit of an outsider, she's got her beefy friend Bruce Varnett, a Tigers fan, close by should anyone's trash talk get too loud or even a bit harsh.

Ryan Rodriguez drives a 80's model limo for Entertainment Express in Dearborn Heights. And with the limo painted blue and orange with a giant tiger on top, Rodriguez says his goal is simply getting fans excited for the game.



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