BACK TO SCHOOL: Tips on how to protect children from predators

(WXYZ) - As classes resume, many young students will walk without an adult from the school or bus stop back home. Channel 7 is taking action for you, showing you ways to protect them from strangers.

"People who go out there to bother children or Stranger Danger look for opportunities," said Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw. "A child who is walking by themselves is a greater opportunity for these folks than it is someone who is walking in a group."

Lt. Shaw recommends parents role play with their children to teach them how to react if approached by a stranger.

He also suggests parents identify a "safe house" in their neighborhood. It should be a house where someone, who is trustworthy, is home most of the day.

In case the child needs help, they can run to this house.

Check back here throughout the day as we upload more tips from Lt. Shaw in our video browser.

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