Tornado damage in Fenton Township

(WXYZ) - A tornado brought winds of about 115 miles per hour to Fenton Township Tuesday night. It tore off roofs, uprooted trees, and tossed garages through the air.

"I looked out the window and actually saw a funnel cloud," said Meka Alvarado.

The Alvarado Family lives on Jennings Road in Fenton Township. They watched as a twister was about to touch down on the home across the street. The house's garage was torn to pieces, its roof ripped off, and its walls knocked in.

The twister then battered the Alvarado home with debris as the family huddled in the basement.

"I am just glad everyone is okay," said Meka's son Cord Alvarado.

For their family, it was a wild case of Déjà vu.

The family says in August of 2007, they lived in downtown Fenton. Their home was hit by the tornado that tore through the city. 

They moved north to Fenton Township, and here they are again cleaning up after the storm.

"We didn't suffer as much structural damage this time," said Meka Alvarado.

The twister hit about 20 of his trees. A couple of them landed on his truck, garage, trailer, and boat.

"I will let you know where I move, so you can warn people," said Alvarado. "I seem to be a tornado magnet."

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