Town of Goole in the United Kingdom wants you to know they're not Google

(WXYZ) - One town is fed up with being compared to Google. 

That’s right, Goole in the United Kingdom was flat out frustrated with the search engine giant.

The reason? When you tried to search Goole on the internet, you usually got the message “Did you mean Google?”

So, Goole Museum Volunteers had enough and decided to create their very own search engine with everything Goole-related.

Facts and information about their beloved town is now easier to find on the "Goole isn't Google!" search engine. 

If you’re curious, Goole is in the East Riding of Yorkshire and the UK's most inland port.

Because of the exposure in publications like New York Magazine and the Daily Mail, Goole Museum Volunteers report on their Facebook page that their engine had more than 1,000 hits over the weekend. 

It appears now when you search Goole, Google still says "Showing results for Google," but it gives users a "Search instead for Goole" option. 


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