Troy police make arrest after women attacked

(WXYZ) - Troy Police are asking the public if they have been victimized by 17-year-old Al Salmou.

Troy police say Salmou targeted at least five different women—and those are only the ones they know about. Police arrested Salmou after a victim came forward after seeing a previous news report. 

She said Salmou tried to force himself into her apartment but she locked him out.  It turns out he lives in the same apartment complex off John R. Road.

But the attacks go back to at least the beginning of October.  Police say Salmou went to bloomer park in R ochester Hills where he targeted a woman exercising.  He asked her for directions .  When she started to guide him, he threw her on the ground.   She was able to fight him off.  That same morning he tried to victimize another woman jogging but she got suspicious of him and ran away.

When he wasn't in Rochester Hills, police say Salmou worked a ruse in Troy.  He tried trick women to let him in their homes by saying he needed to use the bathroom. 

When it didn't work, he broke into one home, but promptly left when the young female caught him. 

Salmou's attacks have police warning women to do activities in pairs.

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