Twin boys rattle off the U.S. presidents using just picture identification

(WXYZ) - Can you name all of the United States presidents?

Not many people can, but two local twin boys could rattle them off using only picture identification when they were just a little more than 2 years old.

Makes you feel a tad behind on your education, doesn't it?

Elizabeth Paddock, 30, of Dearborn was trying to teach her young boys about money last year when she says they were more fascinated with the people on the coins than the actual coins themselves. So, her and her husband decided to teach Caleb and Matthew about all of the presidents, even the not-so-pleasant facts about impeachment and assassination.

She captured the fun learning session on video and uploaded it to YouTube.  

"It took them a week. They've got great memory," said Paddock.

While Caleb and Matthew, now both 3 years old, remain fascinated by all of the presidents' stories, their mom says they still have a clear favorite: Abraham Lincoln.

She also says they've learned most of the periodic table. Their dad is a science teacher.

If you want to brush up on the U.S. presidents, you can check out our photo gallery of all of our leaders here:

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