Two men posing as DTE workers steal money from elderly woman's home

(WXYZ) - Troy Police are investigating a burglary where two men allegedly posed as DTE workers and disappeared with hundreds of dollars from the home of an elderly woman.

The men entered the 87-year-old woman's home to say they needed a payment and she later noticed the missing money. 

"When I grew up if somebody said they were from the utility company you just took them at their word, but unfortunately nowadays…you can't do that," said neighbor Kelly White.

"I think it's terrifying," said neighbor Kelly Cummings.  "I think Troy is a small community and it's terrifying to think that something could be dangerous right here in your community."

The victim, who did not want to be identified, told 7 Action News she was frightened and gets confused about how it exactly happened.

She said the burglars told her to go down in the basement but she is not sure how long she was down there.

According to the victim, she and other neighbors remember seeing DTE workers in the area earlier in the day.

The theft is making those who live in the area more cautious.

"If we see somebody doing something they shouldn't be doing call police," said White.  "Let the police check."

A DTE spokesperson told 7 Action News the company never collects money from the field and all of their workers have ID badges.

Employees are always driving a marked vehicle.

DTE also advises if someone approaches your home and you have any doubts call 800-477-4747 to verify whether the person is indeed a DTE worker.

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