UAW Vice President General Holiefield announces his retirement

(WXYZ) - UAW Vice President General Holiefield announced his retirement today.

Holiefield plans to retire at the union's 36th Constitutional Convention in Detroit in June 2014.

Aside from serving as a UAW vice president and directing the union's Chrysler, Heavy Truck and General Dynamics Departments, Holiefield is a longtime political and community activist. He also serves as a board member of the NAACP's national board of directors and the AFL-CIO Executive Council.

"I leave with very cherished memories of more than 40 years as a member and leader of this great union," said Holiefield in a statement. "My goal has always been to lift people out of poverty and to give them a better standard of living and that goal has been reflected in my work with the UAW, an institution that reflects the same goal. I have enjoyed my time with the members, my co-workers and staff, Bob King and others on the union's International Executive Board.  I will always be a part of this union.  I will always leave the light on," Holiefield added.


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