Drunk driver hits police officer in Burger King drive-thru

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP (WXYZ) - When Robert Addie was causing trouble in the drive-thru of a Burger King, police tried directing him away from the drive-thru window, but instead of pulling off to the side to talk to officers, Addie hit the gas and struck a Pittsfield Township police lieutenant.

Police soon learned that Addie was drunk.

The video was just released and it shows the lieutenant falling to the ground and the blue Ford Taurus turns onto Michigan Avenue. 

It happened with eyesight of the police department. Suffice to say, police were able to quickly stop Addie.

Addie's blood alcohol tests show he was more than three times the legal limit at .25. And state records show he has multiple convictions for drunk driving.

Thankfully, the lieutenant only sustained minor injuries in the Valentine's Day incident, and he's already back to work.

According to court records, Addie, 39, pleaded guilty to drunk driving and resisting arrest.

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