Violent drug gang busted in Detroit

(WXYZ) - It took years to build the case, but feds say they have busted a violent drug gang that was operating in a Detroit neighborhood.

Members of a violent drug gang in the city of Detroit have been arrested and charged with distributing marijuana and prescription pills, according to United States Attorney Barbara L. McQuade.

Neighbors say they've seen drug dealers selling pills and marijuana out in the open and near a school.

"They're doing it right in front of the kids, they don't care," said neighbor Julie Alshebami.

McQuade announced Friday that three brothers had established a criminal enterprise in the Warrendale neighborhood. Mohamed,29,  Abed,38, and Fouad Faraj, 43, allegedly set houses on fire to use them as a base of operation.

According to the feds, the men were hiring young guys, including teenagers, to peddle the illegal drugs on the street.

The drug dealing was like a cancer spreading through the neighborhood and with Warrendale so close to Dearborn and the highway, there seemed to be no shortage of customers.

Along with the three Faraj brothers, three others were charged in connection with the operation.

"Detroit One is bringing a unified focus to arresting violent offenders in Detroit," McQuade said. "Dismantling violent drug gangs will help restore peace in our neighborhoods."

Detroit One is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and the community to reduce violent crime in Detroit.

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