Volunteers build mini dream house for girl with bone cancer

(WXYZ) - She's a girl with a wish. 

It's actually a big wish when you see it standing in the backyard of her parents Ann Arbor home.  She's also got a battle that no 12-year-old should ever have to wage.

Molly Cooke is battling osteosarcoma.  It's a bone cancer.  For the past year and a half she's been in and out of hospitals far away from what most 8th graders should be enjoying, sleepovers and time with friends.

Molly's parents are both doctors.  Her dad is a family care physician and her mom a pediatrician. Dawning the tough faces parenthood commands, they both tend to their daughter and watch Molly's wish come true in their back yard.

It was in August, during a relapse, that Molly got a call from the Rainbow Connection.  Ingrid Todt with the Rainbow Connection called her to let her know that Drew Martin and his team from Momentum Construction would break ground and build the very cottage she designed on her iPad. 

Her iPad would bring about a form of therapy the rounds of chemo and the numerous hospital visits couldn't.  It would provide her the opportunity to do what she loves revel in architecture and design, bringing the love of design and math together.  The end result a massive cottage just a tad larger than a tree house that'll sit in her parents backyard.

It's her oasis.  A chance for her to escape the reality of what she's facing, a battle.  For when cancer strikes, so do the kind hearts of volunteers and the labor of love that is soon to be complete, that's come to be known as 'Molly's Cottage' will be finished, soon. 

She'll get the keys handed to her on her birthday, Halloween.

Her father says that seeing Molly interact with the guys throughout the process has been, by far, the most rewarding.  We're talking tough, brute men who melt in Molly's presence.  Many of the dozens of contractors are facing their own battles.  Some even are in treatment and volunteering their time.

Drew Martin owns Momentum Construction.  They are the company that stepped up to the plate to make her wish come true.  Martin battles emotions when speaking about his daughter Emma.  She entered the world in February of 2011 and lost her life 5 months later after spending her life in the NICU at the U-of-M hospital.  She was born without a radius in her arm, without a thumb and no esophagus.  After battling to stay alive, little Emma just couldn't do it.  It's Emma that brings the glaze over her dad's eye and it's the sight of Molly's cottage and being inside that brings about the raw emotion.

For Martin, he says he'd do it all again without thinking twice.

Molly says her parents have told her the first party she'll have with be with her little brother.  She tells our Nima Shaffe her brother will have to sleep in the loft, she gets the sleeper sofa.


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