Walled Lake facing cuts, firefighter full-time positions may be in jeopardy

(WXYZ) - Big financial troubles are surfacing  in the small community of Walled Lake, and to help dig the city out of a budget hole, city leaders are considering doing away with all full-time firefighter positions.

The city's finance director laid it all out at Tuesday night's city council meeting. The financial picture is not pretty.

Residents were there to defend the positions, trying to show their elected leaders what a difference the firefighters make in their lives.

Walled Lake is staring at a $10 million deficit, cuts are coming and one proposal calls for the elimination of 10 positions, including the city's full-time fire fighters. That would make them part-time paid volunteers.

According to the finance director, it was a change in the pension plan that helped get the city in the mess.

A budget meeting has been scheduled for Saturday. The new budget has to be approved by the second Monday in June and will go into effect July 1.

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