Warren woman says electronic cigarette caused small explosion and fire

WARREN (WXYZ) - Janet Andrews says what sounded like a gunshot in her Warren home this week was actually one of her e-cigarettes blowing right out of the electrical socket she plugged it in to recharge.

"It was just a rolling ball of fire," said Andrews who panicked, fearing the small fire that scorched a portion of hardwood flooring would quickly spread and put the elderly woman she cares for in immediate danger.

Bull Dog Wholesale in Troy is the company that makes the quit-smoking device and an executive with the company tells Action News that they have never had any such problem with any of their rechargeable products, including Andrews' e-cigarette, which we're told is actually a vaporizer. 

The company, Bull Dog Electronic Cigarettes, released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

"We just learned of the incident this morning and therefore we have been unable to conduct an investigation into the underlying facts and circumstances. Bulldog Wholesale has been selling its products for 7-years, and there has likely been millions of puffs on the e-cigarettes. We stand behind our product and this is the first reported incident of an alleged malfunction ."

A company executive also tells Action News that they advise customers to use Bull Dog charging devices, including the company's USB wall and car chargers, with all of their rechargeable products.

Andrews did not contact the fire department because she was able put the fire out on her own, but a Warren fire marshal advises that she contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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