WATCH: X Games Detroit bid video

(WXYZ) - Organizers of Detroit's effort to land the 2014-2016 X Games have just released the entire new video to support the city's bid.

Detroit is one of four cities that are finalists to host the ESPN X Games for three straight years, starting next year. The other finalists are Chicago, Charlotte, and Austin, Texas.

Watch the entire 5 minute video here:



Kevin Krease, the founder of Action Sports Detroit, and managing partner Garret Koehler, said the video is just one piece of a grass roots campaign.

"We're thrilled that the ESPN X Games team gave Detroit a shout out as ‘the most vociferous in its desire to host the games,' " Koehler said in a press release. "It simultaneously affirmed our vision for this movement and broadened our vocabulary.

"This video is meant to embody the ethos of our movement, which we believe is an expression of the vibrant new energy infused into the city's center: People occupying and activating spaces in innovative ways for constructive ends, and doing so with the sort of creative freedom that underpins the action sports lifestyle. The X Games belong in Detroit," said Koehler.

Detroit-based production house The Work produced the video.

"The Work was an early partner in this process because they grasped our vision, identified with it, and clearly had the skill set to help us share it with others in a poignant way. It's been surreal watching them turn a crazy coffee shop idea into this amazing video," said Krease.

Krease and Koehler were recently honored as Detroit 2020 Persons of the Week for their efforts to bring the X Games to the city. You can watch that story here.

Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans and one among a list of sponsors supporting the bid, said the team's just-released video helps demonstrate why the X Games and Detroit are a perfect fit.

"Detroit was made for the X Games," said Gilbert.  "Our urban core is composed of young, diverse and creative people.  Winning this bid to host the X Games for three consecutive years beginning next summer provides an outstanding opportunity to showcase to an international audience what Detroit has to offer."

ESPN will decide next month where the Games will land.

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