Waterford travel agent accused of stealing customers' money is behind bars

Waterford travel agent arrested - Penny Kane, the owner of Penny's Personal Travel, is behind bars.

Waterford police say she scammed more than 100 customers who paid for trips through her travel agency.
They say she stole more than $300,000 of their money, but in court she claimed she's broke.

"I have no job, no income," said Kane.

She's also accused of credit card fraud in the amount of more than $36,000.

Police say they've had dozens of people file police reports claiming they never got the trips they paid for through Penny's Personal Travel. Lynn Matell says Kane owes her thousands of dollars.

Matell says when her family got to Hawaii, she learned the hotel rooms for her group of 14 hadn't been paid for by Kane so she had to pay for them again. Seeing Kane in court was a relief for Matell.

"I'm overjoyed it has made it to this point. I hope we'll find justice in this somehow," says Matell.

Robert Cohen says he lost almost $60,000 because of Kane.

"From the beginning I wanted to be sure no one else would end up in the same position. To see her out of business was the most important to me," says Cohen.

Kane asked for a personal bond, but the judge set her bond at $75,000.

Most of those who say they've been victimized by Kane aren't counting on seeing any of their money again, but they say seeing her in court gives them some relief.

"She can't steal and get away with it," says Matell.

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