Watertown woman updates family in Macomb Twp. during Boston-area lockdown

MACOMB TWP., Mich (WXYZ) - As the streets in Watertown, Massachusetts breathe a sigh of relief, that feeling extends hundreds of miles away for many Americans, including here in Michigan.

Like so many families across the nation, the Ketterers kept their eyes on Watertown from their living room television. And as millions held their hearts in vigil, Cindy Ketterer held hers a little tighter than most--worried about a daughter on the East Coast.

"And seeing the [police presence] was right on the corner of her street, I could recognize things." said Ketterer, "That's how close this was all happening."

Ketterer was describing the scene outside her daughter Holly Ketterer's home in Watertown. Holly's photos from outside her window gave loved ones several hundred miles away a glimpse into a city in gridlock.

"So there were probably about 15 police officers walking down the street kind of marching." said Holly Ketterer, "Each of them kept a post at each of the houses on my block."

"And I felt like I was right there with all of those police officers." said Cindy Ketterer, "And I felt the intensity, and the unsureness of what was going on. You know, God bless their hearts. "

Text messages kept worried parents calm, as words of support poured into Holly's world online--connections so many in Watertown needed to get through the day.

"I certainly appreciated all of the support," said Holly Ketterer, "And certainly appreciated the fact that there was coverage in Detroit and across the country. "

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