Website helps you exercise your brain

(WXYZ) - Running, keeping physically fit-- it's important. But there's another part of our body that needs exercise: our brains!

One website is helping people achieve their brain's full potential.

The website,, is an online tool that helps train your brain.

When you sign in, it will ask you questions to determine what you want to work on.

Always losing your keys? Can't remember people's names? This tool will help design daily games for you to play to help with your memory and attention.

Each session is different and the website will create your program based on your listed priorities and how often you train.

There are several fun resources that you can definitely take advantage of on this site.

The site boasts that the brain training program was developed by a team of neuroscientists.

There's also a free app available for the iPhone, in case you want to sharpen your mental skills on the go.

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