What are the chances for school closings Wednesday? Chris Edwards breaks it down!

(WXYZ) - This may seem like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, but it's real and we have to ponder the chances for more school closings for Wednesday as another storm moves into metro Detroit.

In a nutshell, the farther you live north of Detroit, the more likely it is that your trip to school will be slowed down by fresh and falling snow, but you'll still make the trip. 

The farther south of Detroit you live, from the Downriver communities in Wayne County and especially in Lenawee and Monroe counties, the better the chance is that you'll get another day off of school because of the heavier snow expected to fall in those spots. I'd do my homework no matter what. Why gamble with a pattern that has been fickle and has us right on the edge?

The snow is expected to start early tonight, ease up a little during the night after dropping a few inches, then increase again about the time the morning rush hour peaks.

Snow could be falling fairly heavily from about 7 am to 10 am Wednesday, especially from Detroit southward. Though the very heaviest snow will fall in Indiana, Ohio and points east and west of there, we expect to pick up 2"- 4" storm totals in the far northern and western suburbs, 4"- 6" around Detroit and areas just to the north and west of Detroit, with totals of 6"- 8" in Lenawee and Monroe counties as well as far southern Wayne county.

The snow will move out Wednesday afternoon, and the very cold air returns for the umpteenth time after that. Not to throw salt in the wound (I can't anyway because it's all on our cars or the roads already), but the wind chill readings Friday morning could be between 15 and 20 below. That's something else we'll keep an eye on.

Even in Groundhog Day, Bill Murray's character eventually broke the spell and spring did finally come to Punxsutawney. There is more bitter cold and more snow ahead for us, but the robins are already more visible around town and it won't be too terribly long before the first daffodils poke through winter's crust. The First Alert Weather Team will be rooting just as hard for that as almost everybody else.

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