Where did Dr. Farid Fata's charity, the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation, move to?

(WXYZ) - Dr. Farid Fata is a metro-Detroit Cancer doctor accused by federal investigators of misdiagnosing patients, even giving them unnecessary chemotherapy treatments, in a Medicare fraud scheme.

He also is the founder of a charity.

According to its website the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation was run out of Dr. Fata's office at the McClaren Cancer Institute in Clarkston.

7 Action News went there on Friday to try to talk to people who worked with the foundation about what is next for it.

What happened next raises questions.

The workers in the office where Swan for Life's website says it is located said they didn't know anything about or of the charity. They said it wasn't located in their location even though the charity is listed on the building's directory as being in their suite.

In the meantime, the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation posted a statement on its website saying it is not being investigated, and is independent of Dr. Fata.

It said it will be halting some of its current activities, getting legal advice, and looking into how to restructure.

On Saturday, the foundation released another statement through it public relations company. The statement reads as follows: 

The Swan For Life Cancer Foundation remains focused on the patients' emotional and psychological needs through our support, education, and wellness services. Nothing will prevent us from our mission of providing the services that contribute to the healing of cancer patients.

Our number one priority now is contacting patients that we have served, determining the resources they may need and how we can help them.

All of us at the Foundation were shocked by the news of Dr. Fata's arrest.  His patients do not need additional anxiety placed on them by these serious criminal charges.

Dr. Fata had nothing to do with the day-today operations of the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation. We are a stand alone, non-profit 501© (3) organization which functions independently of the doctor and Michigan Hematology Oncology.

The doctor founded the Foundation but had no active role in the Foundation. The Foundation also had no input in regard to clinical decisions given to his patients.

Federal law enforcement officials have concluded that the allegations against the doctor have nothing to do with the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation and there is no investigation of the Foundation. 

Many questions remain for people who donated to this foundation. According to state records the foundation's assets are about $950,000.

7 Action News will follow up on where the charity has moved to, and what what is in its future.

Dr. Fata's defense attorney Christopher Andreoff has said that the claims against Dr. Fata are not proven.

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