Where is the criminal investigation into Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat?

(WXYZ) - They could be running from the law. Instead they're running to get their old jobs back.

Remember the all night, historic session of the Michigan House to oust two State Reps? 

House Republicans finally got the needed two-thirds votes from Democrats when they were promised a full and complete criminal investigation against Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. 

Where is the investigation? 

Sources tell 7 Action News Gamrat has gotten no calls from investigators. 

The Michigan State Police and Michigan Attorney General are doing the investigation. Attorney General Bill Schuette would not give the status of the investigation. 

Both Courser and Gamrat admitted under oath in high drama, high profile committee hearings to misusing taxpayer resources to cover up their extramarital affair. 

Many considered the criminal investigation easy - open and shut. 

Sources say it could derail both Courser and Gamrat from running in special elections next month to get their House seats back. But they are running untouched for now.

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