Who murdered an MSU student in his off-campus apartment?

East Lansing Police say they are following leads

EAST LANSING, Michigan (WXYZ) - On Friday night, just before 9 p.m., it sounded like a lot of nights at Cedar Village. People who live in the apartment complex across from Michigan State University tell 7 Action News they heard loud music and people moving around.

In hindsight, they know the sounds of college life covered up the noises of a murder.

East Lansing Police say when they arrived at the home in the 200 block of Cedar Street, they found two Michigan State University students and roommates in need of help. Someone had shot them.

One who has not yet been identified has been treated and released. The other young man died Saturday morning.

As word got around the Cedar Village Apartments that one of their neighbors had been killed - no one expected the victim would be 20-year-old Dominique James Nolff. The MSU hospitality business major from Middleville, in western Michigan, was known by friends as D.J.  - He had a reputation as a good guy.

"I saw that kid almost every day," said Edward Brown, a neighbor.

Brown says in a neighborhood where many people are strangers,  D.J. went out of his way to be a friend.

 "You felt like you knew him for years just from talking to him a couple times. He was a down to earth nice kid," said Brown.

Police are still hunting for the man who shot both D.J. and his roommate. They are reviewing surveillance video from the apartment building. Investigators are not releasing details as to why this happened, but say this is not a random crime.

The fact they are releasing few details beyond that has some people frustrated.

"You would think police would be able to find a suspect really quickly, or at least get more info about who it is," said one concerned neighbor who didn't want to share her name.  "All we know is it is an African American man, medium build. That could be anybody."

East Lansing Police are asking anyone with information that could help their investigation to call their detective bureau at 517-319-6884.

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