Winter weather leaves Greyhound passengers stranded in Detroit

DETROIT - Dozens of  Greyhound riders were stranded in Detroit for hours due to the extreme winter weather.

Early Monday morning we spoke a woman says she waited 12 hours to leave Detroit with no departure time in sight. Apparently the delays are weather related.

The snow and ice require operators to drive much more slowly and some are unable to complete their route. The result stranded passengers, claiming the company is unsympathetic.

"I understand that but you should have more drivers or cancel the route," said Donquaya Brown who was traveling to Georgia from Saginaw. We caught up to her around two, Monday morning; nine hours after she arrived. She was told she might have to wait until 3 p.m. to leave in what would amount to a 22 hour layover.

Donquaya was visibly upset and she has reason to be, but there are others much worse off .

"I was supposed to go back to Chicago from Jacksonville, NC, Friday," said Diana Castro.  Her flight was canceled four times! So Tuesday, she decided to go Greyhound.

"I saw they had a bus going to Chicago at 6:45 p.m. but they canceled. They had another bus that was supposed to leave at 1:20 a.m. but we're still here until 7. "

Much like planes, buses are on a carefully orchestrated schedule. They are usually on time, but when drivers are forced to significantly reduce their speed, they run the chance of missing connections. With all the snow and ice, they cant help but take it slow. On top of that, some areas of the county are still digging out from all the snow that fell.

Just before noon Wednesday we received word from Greyhound that all stranded passengers had moved on to their respective destination, which is great news, but additional delays remain a real possibility.

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