Mix of tradition, technology set to be used in royal baby birth announcement

(WXYZ) - There's no doubt, the majority of the world will find out about the royal birth through social media but not before British tradition is honored.

In the same way officials announced the birth of Prince Charles in 1948 and Prince Williams in 1982, a small bulletin will be posted in front of Buckingham Palace.

Simultaneously however, the British Monarchy's official Twitter and Facebook accounts will post the news online for the first time in the history of royal births. 

The details released to the world will likely only include the baby's gender, time of birth and possibly weight.

Streaming on WXYZ.com right now is a live feed outside St. Mary's Hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge went into labor just before 6 a.m. London time.

What you're watching for is an official leaving the hospital carrying that signed bulletin on Palace letterhead. When you see that you'll know the royal heir has arrived.

Also on WXYZ.com right now you can view photo galleries of the Duchess of Cambridge and her growing baby bump. And on Twitter you can join the nonstop speculation on the baby's gender, name and everything else you can imagine using the hashtag #RoyalBaby.

That is of course trending worldwide.

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