Wounded policemen are members of elite task force

(WXYZ) - We're learning more about the task force two Detroit police officers were working with when they were shot in the line of duty.

The two men shot Tuesday night were not just Detroit Police, they were part an ATF task force known as the Comprehensive Violence Reduction Partnership or CVRP.

"CVRP looks for armed violent criminals, the worst of the worst," said ATF Special Agent Donald Dawkins.

The two policemen were after a suspected murderer when they were shot. When they trapped him, the suspect opened fire.

A Detroit Police sergeant was hit in the leg, and an officer was hit in the head by bullet fragments. The sergeant was treated and released. The officer remains in critical condition.

Despite the fact two policemen were injured, police were able to respond and quickly return fire. They killed the suspect.

An investigation is ongoing to piece together everything that happened, but ATF Special Agent Donald Dawkins says it is clear they were well trained.  He said they had to be to be a member of the CVRP.

The CVRP was started about three years ago because crime was out of control on the city's west side.  

The officers on this task force have been recognized for making a difference.

"it is something that has been successful here in  Detroit and is now being successful around the country," said Dawkins.

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