Aloe vera, olive extract in Wrangler Denim Spa jeans aim to make legs smoother

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - How much would you pay for a pair of jeans that promises to leave your legs softer days after you've worn them?

Well, Wrangler's newest line of jeans, called Denim Spa, will cost you $140 per pair.

The jeans are infused with high-performance skincare ingredients to keep your legs from cracking.

You can choose from three lines including Aloe vera, olive extract and Smooth Legs.

Vogue U.K. says the effects of the moisturizers can last up to 15 days after your first wear.

After that you can purchase a spray formula that will keep legs feeling silky-smooth for up to 97 wearings.

An online retailer, ASOS is set to sell the jeans beginning on Jan 28.

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