Wristband Kapture records conversation clips

(WXYZ) - A new product is helping to ensure that you never miss another important moment in your life.

Kapture is an audio-recording wristband that lets you save and share the last 60 seconds of a conversation.

The creators of Kapture say that the wristband is for those "you just had to be there moments" that you can never replicate.

So how does it work?

According to the product's Kickstarter page, K apture records audio in a 60 second buffered loop. The loop will constantly overwrite itself until the person wearing the device taps the wristband.

Kapture will then save the previous 60 seconds and send the audio file to your smartphone.

The file can then be shortened and shared with your friends. 

The Kapture app will be available for both iOS  and Android smartphones. 

To check out Kapture's Kickstarter page, go here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1483824574/kapture-the-audio-recording-wristband?ref=category

Do you think Kapture is neat or a little too invasive? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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