Miguel Cabrera's health a concern for Detroit Tigers

AP Baseball Writer
DETROIT (AP) -- After winning the Triple Crown in 2012, Miguel Cabrera was even better for much of this season. Toward the end, though, a number of nagging problems began to add up.
On Aug. 20, Cabrera aggravated a strain in his groin, abdominal and hip area. He kept playing, never going on the disabled list, but his numbers finally dipped a bit. At the end of an Aug. 26 game against Oakland, Cabrera was hitting .359 with 43 homers and 130 RBIs. Since then, he's hit .284 with only two extra-base hits in 25 games.

"I don't think anyone will realize how injured he is and how tough he is," said Tigers manager Jim Leyland.  "It's remarkable, to be honest with you. It will be great if we can get through this thing, all the way through it, and he can get a much deserved rest."
The Tigers were in control in the AL Central throughout September, so they didn't need Cabrera at full speed. They could use a healthier version of him now, heading into the division series against the Athletics.

WXYZ Sports Director Tom Leyden contributed to this report

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