Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera unveils 'Miggy's Salsa'

LIVONIA, Mich. - He put together the best baseball season in a generation, made a drastic position change look relatively easy, and led the Tigers to the World Series.

Miguel Cabrera can play baseball, but what does he know about salsa?

"I mean I dance salsa, you know," he laughed.

Now, he's selling it too.

The Triple Crown winner unveiled 'Miggy's Salsa' at Meijer in Livonia on Monday. Fans flocked to meet their favorite player, and test out the food adorned with his face.

"A lot of friends came up to me, who knew about salsa. They came to me with the idea, and I think it's a good idea to give back to something."

Cabrera is selling the salsa in Meijer stores around Michigan to help benefit his foundation, which helps children and families in his native Venezuela.

His intentions are good, his skillset is reputable, but what was left to see was whether or not fans would buy in. A crowd of over 100 screaming Tigers fanatics showed up for the official first sale, and solidified the hopes Cabrera had for his new endeavor.

"If it's anything like him, it is the best," one fan said.

Cabrera tasted the Mild and Medium flavors before he endorsed the product, but withheld from trying the Hot salsa.

"I like it nice and easy. Not too hot," he explained.

Cast worries aside though, because by the time he left Meijer, all that remained was a handful of lonely jars. His endorsement was seen on the jars' labels, but the fans embrace was heard.

Now they get to taste the benefits.

Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter for WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli.

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