Beilein's family and friends may have split loyalties

ATLANTA (AP) - Michigan coach John Beilein, a native of Burt, N.Y., still has family and friends who might have mixed loyalties when his Wolverines play Syracuse in the Final Four on Saturday night.
Beilein says fans might be keeping some loyalties well-hidden -- say under a layer or two of clothing.
"I've called an old friend of mine on the way down and said, `What color are you wearing?"' Beilein said. "`Do you have orange underwear on with the blue shirt over the top"'
Beilein said he doesn't mind if his old friends sneak in a little Syracuse orange with Michigan blue.
"It's a great thing for everybody to have," he said. "There's a lot to talk about after a tough winter, in western New York, central New York. I just think it's all good. It's just all good."

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