Boston College students organizing walk to "finish" Boston Marathon

Boston Police may ask students not to walk

A plan for thousands of Boston College students to walk from the school's campus in Chestnut Hill, MA to the finish line of the Boston Marathon this Friday may be thwarted due to the logistical issues the event may pose.

The event has been organized by two BC students, Dani Cole and Michael Padulsky.  Already, more than 13,000 have signed up to participate, but its believed that the Boston Police Department will ask the students not to walk.

The Boston Marathon's route goes right through Chestnut Hill, with the main gate of Boston College symbolizing the end of the infamous "Heartbreak Hill."  The group plans to walk "The Last Five" as a tribute to those affected by Monday's bombings.

The web site says, "For anyone who did not get to finish, For anyone who was injured, and For anyone who lost their life...we will walk.  We will walk to show that we decide when our marathon ends."

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