Ohio State bans visitors (even NFL scouts) from wearing blue at practices

(WXYZ) - At Michigan football practices, you won't find the color red on the field.

The team ditched the sport's usual red-colored quarterback jerseys this spring in favor of orange jerseys. The Wolverines wanted to avoid the color red because it's the primary uniform color of their biggest rival, Ohio State.

In Columbus, the Buckeyes are taking the Battles of the Colors to another level.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, not to be outdone, recently banned the color blue from their practices.

That rule goes for anyone in uniform on the field, and anyone else watching from the sidelines. This week, Ohio State practices became open to pro scouts for the first time this summer, thus ushering in the new unwritten rule.

At least two NFL scouts failed to meet the Buckeyes requirements, and were given Ohio State shirts to wear over the top of their blue shirts.

One scout reportedly called it embarrassing, while another told Fox Sports Ohio: "It's just not something that needed to happen. It could have been handled much better, and if that rule is going to be enforced, they could let us know."

Three months remain until the Buckeyes and Wolverines meet on the field, but it's not surprise there's already a new, colorful chapter in the rivalry.

Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter for WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli

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