Dumars never doubted job security after disappointing season

Pistons president and general manager Joe Dumars says his job security wasn't an issue that worried him after the latest disappointing season in Auburn Hills.

"Wasn't even a subject," said Dumars. "Never came up."

When I asked if owner Tom Gores had offered any words of encouragement, Dumars continued, "To be honest with you, I'm not big on the vote of confidence. That really doesn't apply. We just kind of dug in after the season and started working right away on, 'OK, we gotta get this next one right.'

"That was the whole focus. There wasn't any conversation about myself - at all."

Through a parade of coaches over the last eight years, some critics believe the players haven't been held to the same level of accountability as the coaches who have been fired. 

"It's not like we haven't made personnel moves too," said Dumars. "We aren't giving those guys a free pass in terms of the expectations for them. Conversations we have with them are private conversations, but I don't think any one of them would ever tell you how harsh we are about their responsibilities."


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