VIDEO: Meet Owen Groesser, 8th grader with Down syndrome who nailed 2 three-pointers in first game

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Owen Groesser is just one player on the Van Hoosen junior high basketball team.

Watching him in action, though, it's easy to see why his play means that much more than everyone of his 16 teammates combined.

UPDATE: Owen scores more points in second game

Owen, an eighth grader with Down syndrome, hadn't seen the court for any action all season.

That all changed Wednesday.

In his team's final game, Owen got a chance to create the memory of a lifetime. Van Hoosen's coach drew up a play late in the game, putting Groesser near the free throw line as his team inbounded the ball.

Then the magic unfolded.

Owen ran out past the three-point line to catch the ball, dribbled once, and hurled a shot with absolute precision.

No doubt about it.

One shot, three points. And hoopla throughout the gym.

Owen didn't stop there. Three points on his first shot of the year would suit most players. Not Owen. He hit another three pointer before calling it a night in two minutes of action.

His Van Hoosen teammates and friends quickly turned to Twitter to spread the story. #GetOwenOnSportsCenter became a trending topic.

Six points. Two minutes. One inspiring eighth grader.


Groesser made SportsCenter's top 10 plays Thursday morning. His shot was #1.


Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter for WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli.

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