Jim Schwartz says Titus Young's tweets "not so good" idea

(WXYZ) – Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz commented on wide receiver Titus Young's recent tweets regarding his role on the Lions.

On Tuesday, Young threatened to retire and tweeted the following:

 "Like I said I never been selfish but if I'm not going to get the football I don't want to play anymore."

Young also took to Twitter about reports that he ran incorrect routes during games, "Never have I ran the wrong route, just put my self where the ball was going."

Schwartz expressed his disappointment with Young's use of Twitter to vent his frustrations with the team.

"There are good ways to go about getting that and not so good ways about trying to get that done. This is a pretty good example on a not-so-good way," Schwartz told reporters. "It is what it is. We obviously still have some ground to cover there."

Schwartz was asked if Young was worth the trouble. He responded by telling reporters that there are plenty of examples of young players struggling early in their careers and overcoming those struggles to lead productive careers in the NFL, but he said the ball was in Young's court.

"Like I said toward the end of the season, that's in the player's court to get that done. We're going to need to see more signs of that getting done.

Schwartz took this time to warn players to be cautious expressing themselves and interacting with fans on social media.

"You wear your uniform 24 hours a day and social media is a part of that now. You're responsible for everything you say. It's tough taking shots from people when you're that way, but if you expose yourself to it, that's what you have to be prepared for."

Schwartz is currently in Mobile, Alabama coaching the North team in the Senior Bowl.

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