Matthew Stafford shares thoughts on Lions busy day

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was impressed with the work his bosses did signing a number of free agents, including Reggie Bush.

Stafford spoke with the Lions media relations staff about today's signings.

"Reggie's a great addition to our team, not only on the field but in the locker room as well. That was something we were looking for as an organization and we have that with Reggie. I enjoyed the ‘recruiting' process with him, dinner last night and all the time we spent together over the last day and a half. It's clear to me he is all about winning.
"Football is about match-ups and this gives our offense some tremendous options. It's exciting for me personally and it's exciting for our entire team. Reggie is a proven commodity. He has made plays at every level of his career and has done everything asked of him. I am thrilled to call him a teammate.
"Today was a very positive day for our team with all the free agent signings and getting Chris (Houston) back. We are a better team today than we were yesterday."

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