Suh relishes Pro Bowl experience, downplays incident with Anderson

Ndamukong Suh's first Pro Bowl appearance was overshadowed Monday morning by a report from that he helped guide a struggling Louie Anderson to safety while filming the celebrity diving show, "Splash."

When contacted this afternoon, Suh opted not to comment on the ordeal with Anderson, but his poolside rescue efforts are being applauded.  According to the original report, Anderson was struggling to exit the pool, prompting Suh and diving instructor Greg Louganis to spring into action and rescue the comedian.

The shows featuring Suh will debut March 19 at 8pm on WXYZ.   Celebrities will compete in dives from a 10-meter platform. 

Suh said he cherished the Pro Bowl experience.

"It was just fun to be around the other great athletes," said Suh.  "Especially getting a chance to play with some older vets and young upcoming stars."

Suh registered two tackles as the NFC beat the AFC 62-35.

As I watched the AFC team experiment with JJ Watt at wide receiver and insert the NFC's Jeff Saturday at center for a play, I couldn't help but think it might be fun to watch Suh attempt an extra point or play some fullback, as he did a few times at Nebraska.

He even    caught a touchdown pass     in the Huskers win over Kansas in 2008.   

"I'm just glad I was able to help on defense," said Suh.

The Pro Bowl provides an opportunity for players to get to know each other better and sometimes, rivals become friends, if even for a short while.

Though he didn't go into much detail, Suh said the player he enjoyed spending time with the most was Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.  The two were frequently seen laughing together during practice and on the sideline during Sunday's game.

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