Teaching a job, passion for former Lions tight end Rob Rubick

Rob Rubick spends Sundays analyzing the Lions and their opponents on the Ford Lions Report Live, but during the week, he works at his real passion: teaching students at Lapeer West High School.

After the Lions drafted him in 1982, the former tight end played in Detroit until 1988. Once he put his football days behind him, Rubick received masters degrees from Eastern Michigan University and Marygrove College.

Thus began his path to finding his next journey: helping kids.

"What I love about teaching is my students. They're incredible," Rubick says.

He works at Lapeer West as the physical education teacher, working with students of all four classes in the weight room and advanced training.

During the Ford Lions Report before the primetime game against the Falcons, Rubick took viewers on a behind-the-scenes trip around the Lapeer West facilities.

To learn all about Rubick's teaching methods, watch the video in the player in the above.

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