Mike Babcock's thoughts on the state of the Red Wings

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Watch an impassioned minute of fiery analysis from the Red Wings head coach.

"When I look at our team play, if I came in from the outside and I watched our team play, I'd say, 'they didn't have a coach.'  OK, that hurts my feelings. But, it's the fact. I told the guys that today. We're not organized enough. We're not efficient.

"So, when I go watch a team play and they don't play well, I go, 'I wonder what they're doing out there?'

"So, face-off plays - they're at a stoppage, it's like football. You should be able to execute off a stoppage, shouldn't you? So you gotta know what you're doing.  So, we asked again, 'Do we know what we're doing?'

"'Yeah we know what we're doing.'  Well then we better darn well do it. In the neutral zone and forecheck, do we know what we're doing?  When we walk through it, 'Does everyone know what we're doing?' 'Yeah.' Well then we better start doing it.  When we have the puck in their neutral zone and forecheck, does everyone know where to be and what we're supposed to do? 'Yeah." Well then we have to do it.

"So we can go through our whole game like that. We don't look good enough. So let's work harder, let's work smarter, let's be more efficient. Let's get more prepared and let's pay a price to win.

"And we don't score any goals - at least not that I've seen. So let's not give up 40 shots, let's give up 20 shots, let's continue to score no goals, but let's win 2-1.  How's that?

"Everyone think that sounds like a plan?"

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