Red Wings, Maple Leafs Winter Classic jerseys leaked?

DETROIT - The Red Wings and Maple Leafs didn't get to play in the Winter Classic this year, but it seems we're getting a peek at what the matchup would have looked like.

Jerseys, apparently designed by Reebok for the game, have begun popping up on eBay. The website first dug up the pictures.

The Red Wings jerseys will be a new jersey, rather than a replica of something they've ever worn before. The uniforms will be a tribute to the Detroit Cougars from the 1928-29 season.

As points out, the Maple Leafs jerseys are also a tribute to the 1928-29 season.

Detroit and Toronto will be the teams in the "next" Winter Classic, as the NHL announced last fall during the lockout. An official announcement will be made sometime in the spring, according to league sources.

The last time the Red Wings played in the Winter Classic, the team wore jerseys featuring a "D" logo that caught on like wildfire around the hockey world. Apparel featuring the logo sold out almost instantly around metro Detroit. The team still features it on secondary apparel.

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