Is Oakland University the best team in the state?

(WXYZ) - The little guys will try to do it again tonight so they can go and try to knock off some of the big guys.

I’m talking about Oakland U., playing in the Summit League championship game for the third year in a row. And trust me when I tell you, if they win tonight, and once again play their way into the NCAA tournament, they could be a scary team to play.

Certainly capable of pulling off a huge upset, they clearly do not get enough praise or publicity for what they’ve accomplished. But they never complain they just keep winning. They’re like the little engine that could.

Their coach, Greg Kampe, could be doing stand-up comedy. He can be as funny as your favorite sitcom or cartoon character and can coach the heck out of his team.

His personality likely relaxes his players and allows them to perform to their maximum level. And Kampe definitely has the respect of Michigan’s John Beilein and MSU’S Tom Izzo for the job he has done.

While the Wolverines and Spartans still have work to do to insure a bid, and we hope they both get in, the Grizzlies can take care of business tonight. Who knows, with Michigan and MSU on the bubble, the Grizz might be the only local school dancing.

The NCAA tournament always produces special moments for players and schools. Just getting in and playing a game is a life-long dream for some of these kids.

At Oakland there’s little margin for error to realize that dream. It makes what they’ve done the last few years even more remarkable.

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