Pistons draft bust Darko Milicic to retire

(WXYZ) - 10 years after the Detroit Pistons made Darko Milicic the second overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Serbian forward is retiring from basketball.

A decade in the NBA would be a solid career, but Milicic didn't spend a decade in the NBA. Even when he was on an NBA roster, he hardly spent time on an NBA court.

CBS Sports reported the news Sunday, loosely translating from the website MVP.rs the following quote from Milicic:

"No more chances. This is a done deal. … Hence I wear a lot of bad experiences. Guilt is mutual."

After two and a half failed seasons in Detroit, the Pistons dumped Milicic. He spent the next seven seasons floating between Orlando, Memphis, New York, and Minnesota before playing in one game with Boston this past year.

"They think they should play a supporting role and wait for his chance," Milicic continued. "Understand why they have such an attitude. My NBA career speaks to me for such a player, and I know I'm not."

In 96 games with Detroit from 2003-04 to 2005-06, Milicic average 1.6 points and just under six minutes per game.

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