Macomb County authorities keep a close eye on floodwaters

Clinton River could hit flood stage soon

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich (WXYZ) - For those living near waterways, all this rain means keeping a closer eye on floodwaters.

Rising rivers aren't what you want to see when you're expecting long periods of rain. In Clinton Township, authorities are doing everything they can to make sure residents stay safe in potentially dangerous settings.

Sheets of rain kept traffic from moving much Thursday. The only thing moving quickly may have been the water. The scene at one of Macomb County's trouble spots made Waldenburg Park look more like Walden Pond. 

"When we get the heavy rain, as you can see, that's a parking lot over there," said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham, "It's starting to fill with water. And we do have times where that water gets high and goes up over the road. At which point, we got to close the roads, put up barricades."

It's why Sheriff Wickersham keeps an eye on the Clinton River's ebb and flow. He's asking nearby drivers to watch for problem areas if downpours continue to cause concern.

"Be cautious when you go over roadways with water." said Wickersham, "Slow down. You never know what the depth is and you could also have hydroplaning. "

Macomb County's emergency manager tells 7 Action News the Clinton River could hit the flood stage, but still may not affect drivers and nearby residents. That said, authorities say they'll be ready.

"It's Michigan," said Wickersham, "So we never know what we're in store for and we just live with it and we're prepared to handle any situation that arises."

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