FORECAST EXPANDS: 7 First Alert weather team now gives you 14-day weather forecasts

(WXYZ) - Our 7 First Alert weather team is looking even further into the future and letting you see what we see. 

We've started producing our exclusive "2nd 7 on 7," which is an extra 7 day forecast that starts off where our regular 7 day forecast ends. 

That means you can get at least some kind of an idea what the weather could be eight to fourteen days into the future.

As you can see by looking at this image, we're just trying to give a general idea when storms may move through. We'll only predict high temperatures in multiples of five, and probabilities of precipitation will only be used on the first "7 Day" forecast.

Some of you may have seen two week forecasts on your mobile devices, but if you've paid much attention to them, you've seen that sometimes they don't make any sense. 

That's because they're usually generated by a computer and automatically sent out without human "quality control."  Our exclusive "2nd 7 on 7" forecasts will be carefully prepared by one of our experienced, trained forecasters on the First Alert team. 

We'll utilize all our training along with the latest, constantly-changing longer range forecast tools to bring the most reliable product possible. We live and work right here along with you, and we know how nice it is sometimes to see a little further ahead.

We're taking this action for you for your planning purposes. We don't suggest that you see a forecast for a day two weeks ahead, memorize it and lock in your activities. You should check back often, on-air, online and on your phone to see how all the variables that effect the weather will keep changing our outlook. 

We'll keep updating the forecast; all you have to do is keep checking in.

No other team is as experienced or committed to getting you the best, most accurate and now furthest-into-the-future forecasts as the 7 First Alert Weather team.



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