Detroiters are coping with the snow as communities work to keep the roads clear

(WXYZ) - Metro-Detroiters woke up Sunday to a blanket of snow covering the ground as the first round of a wicked winter storm passed thru the area.

Snow blowers and snow shovels were in full use as people set out to tackle the snow storm.  Dave Wells has a snow blower, but prefers to use his snow shovel. 

"That's the easy way," said Wells.  "You can see, I've used this one quite a bit.  I just go down, one swat and boom."

Keeping the snow clear from sidewalks and driveways turned into an all day job. Just as Saleem Tawwab finished clearing his driveway, the snow started falling again. He planned to take a rest, watch some football, before tackling the snow for a second time.

Other people decided to let the snow pile up, while they went out and played.  Andy Cohen put off his shoveling duties to take his kids sledding. Other parents bundled up their kids for some outdoor fun.

"We decided to get all our snow gear, come outside and have fun before it gets cold." said Heather Trudell.

A deep freeze is expected to grip the area at the start of the work week.

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