Rain floods Woodhaven mobile home park

The rain has a decades-long history of quickly turning roads into rivers at the Woodhaven Place manufactured home park.

 "Every time we get rain, this is what we wake up to," said Judy Maegerlein.

The flood waters aren't just an inconvenience, they affect lives. If you have a small car you can't get out.  Residents say they have missed everything from funerals to work.

"I could lose my job because of this," said Joan Stamper.

People who live here say they have talked to park managers, but so far it hasn't gotten results.

They say unfortunately they didn't know about this problem when they moved in, but until it is fixed they will make sure anyone thinking about moving here is aware.

"I am tired of the promises," said Maegerlein, who has lived here for more than 5 years.

7 Action News looked into why this keeps happening.

Residents say community managers had blamed the city of Woodhaven.

We went to the Woodhaven City Administrator.  He said he didn't know about the problem, but actually made the trip out to the neighborhood after we asked him about it.  He wanted to make sure there wasn't anything the department of public works could do to help. He says he learned that it is private property and a private system not tied into the city system at all.

The community later sent us a statement that read, quote:

"We already have a storm water drainage system in place which is actively working to drain the community right now.  When there is an extraordinary rain event such as the record rainfall we received overnight (reports are saying almost two and a half inches of rain fell over a few hours) the community as well as the city of Woodhaven does have short-term flooding as seen in many neighborhoods throughout the city."

Residents say the record rains aren't the problem, that this happens when there is a small amount of rain as well.

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