Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties are still working to clear the roads and keep them safe

(WXYZ) - We spoke to the Oakland County Road Commission a short time ago. And they're actually just starting to use salt.

We all know that salt loses its effectiveness around 28 degrees but they say because of the sun it might work.

They're hoping the sun warms things up and helps things on the roads.

The roads look mostly clear. But because it is so cold, the salt is only working somewhat. There are slick spots. So if you see wet looking roads remember that could be ice and take your time.

We spoke to the road commission authorities in Wayne County and they're actually using sand just like MDOT and that's working quite well right now.

They plan to switch over to salt because temperatures are improving later on in the day.

And in Macomb County, the situation is very similar to Oakland County. They are using salt now, even though the temperatures are so cold. They say they are salting their main roads and working to get to the back roads.

Those are the big problems in all three counties.

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