C.A.Y.A. SMOKEHOUSE GRILL shares recipe for Smoked Brisket Chili

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Smoked Brisket Chili

3 cups                   onions diced

2 cups                   green peppers diced

1 ea                        jalepeno fresh diced with seeds

1 ea                        red peppers diced

1 ea                        yellow peppers diced

1 tbl                       chopped fresh garlic

1 tbl                       oregano

1 tsp                      cumin ground

2 Tbl                       dark chili powder

1 Tbl                       blk pepper ground

¼  tsp                    crushed red pepper

1 tbl                       salt

1 Tbl                      sugar

1 cn                        46 oz tomato juice

3 cn                                        diced tomato

1 cn                        pinto beans strained and rinsed

1 cn                        kidney beans strained and rinsed

2 shots                  chalula

1 LB                        beef brisket, or the meat of your choice.

In large pot cook the onions, peppers, garlic and jalepeno.  Cook until just tender. About 5 minutes. Add all dry spices and mix well.  Add diced tomatoes and V-8. Simmer until thickened about half an hour. Add the beans and hot sauce. Add the meat of your choice. Cook for 10 more minutes. Cool in ice bath.


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