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Closets by Design helping families with ideas on creating the best environment for remote education

Posted at 8:33 AM, Sep 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-12 08:33:45-04

(WXYZ) — With virtually every school moving to virtual learning and a shortage of desks for purchase, local panicked parents are quickly realizing the kitchen table just won’t cut it for class time.
But finding a student size desk or chair is impossible! The majority of retailers are either out of stock or will not ship for months.

The organizational experts at the Closets by Design in Detroit are helping families desperate for ideas on creating the best environment for remote education and boosting their kid’s chances of home school success. For parents in a pinch, Closets by Design has put together a lesson plan they can use to set up a Home School Work Station:

Desk Doubles - Use what you have around the house. A sofa/console table can be repurposed as a desk. A smooth piece of splinter-free wood and some brackets mounted to a wall can create a perfect platform for a laptop. Or, balance a wooden board across two small storage cabinets.

Identify a Designated Study Space - This area should be quiet, easily accessible, and free from distractions. That means toys, games, and screens should be out of sight. You want to encourage focus and concentration. This can be the corner of a rarely used room or a space under the stairs. You can even convert a small closet. Just remove the doors, add a small table, shelves, and voila - a study space.

Beware the Bedroom - If possible, try to choose a space outside of your child’s bedroom. A bedroom should be a cozy and comforting space for children. Working and studying in the bedroom can create a disconnect with the brain associating the room as a relaxing space and this could impact sleep! Keeping their work environment separate from their personal space can help them better understand where and when work happens and when it’s play time!

Kitchen Table Trouble - Avoid the temptation of setting up the work area at the kitchen table or counter. The kitchen table is where you eat meals and snacks. Valuable computer equipment, homework sheets, books, and projects could get damaged or ruined if food and drinks are spilled on them. It also is a hassle to clear everything off the table to eat family meals and then bring it all back. It increases the chance important notes could get lost in the shuffle.

Control Clutter - Studies show the environment in which a child learns can have a dramatic impact on their ability to learn. Make sure the room where the child is studying is neat and tidy and free of clutter. When a child’s physical surroundings are organized, it enables them to do better work.

Bye Bye Backpacks - Bins and baskets are the new backpack. Use colorful bins and baskets to organize all the school supplies your child will need to succeed. These can hold workbooks, notebooks, pencils, calculators, and more.

Attach Art - Hanging a dry-erase board is a fast and easy way for kids to keep track of what tasks they need to work on. They can check off homework as they finish. Consider adding a few pieces of art with inspirational quotes to help get those creative juices flowing. You could even add educational posters like a periodic table, maps or multiplication tables.

Separate School Work - More than one child? Separate their schoolwork by assigning each child a color bin. You can slide the bins and baskets into cubbies for an even more organized look.