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Nursing Home Created ‘hugging Mitts’ So Families Can Safely Interact During The Pandemic
Posted at 5:59 AM, Mar 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 01:08:31-05

WXYZ — Have older relatives? Want to preserve their voice for future generations? Now you can.

ImmortalFuture knows the importance of family connection and the preservation of their memories for future generations.  As an interactive social network, ImmortalFuture has created their FutureWave app - an app where families can upload content, photos and videos that mean the most to them, and create messages for the future. This means, older relatives can pre-record words of encouragement for their niece who graduates in 2037. They can still tell bedtime stories to their grandkids even when they’re not around. They can even still sing for their wife, a new song every week as if they were still sitting on the porch today. 

ImmortalFuture allows for the voices that bless our ears with their words of wisdom, laughter and unique personalities, to continue to bless the ears of the generations of tomorrow. To learn more, visit ImmortalFuture Website